Supervised Theses
Design, construction and programming of an automated positioning platform for the calibration of imaging systems
M. Weber
Bachelor Thesis, TU Darmstadt, 2016
A Computational Model for Perception of Stereoscopic Window Violations
S. Poulakos, R. Monroy, T. Aydin, O. Wang, A. Smolic, M. Gross
QoMEX 2015
CultLab3D - On the verge of 3D mass digitization
P. Santos, M. Ritz, R. Tausch, H. Schmedt, R. Monroy, O. Posniak, C. Fuhrmann, D. Fellner
GCH 2014
Disparity-aware Stereo 3D Production Tools
A. Smolic, S. Poulakos, S. Heinzle, P. Greisen, M. Lang, A. Hornung, M. Farre, N. Stefanoski, O. Wang, L. Schnyder, R. Monroy, M. Gross
CVMP 2011